My little DIY project 2

I’ve recently started painting some wall furniture which I featured on my blog “My little DIY project” and I enjoyed it so I purchased a few more and this time I experimented on color as well. I purchased another design of the wall furniture and another one which looked like a jewelry organizer.

Tools: Paint brush, choice of paint, screwdriver, rubber stamp (anything intricate or anything that suits your taste), sandpaper


Rubber stamp and paints featured were purchased from Little Town. They have a wide selection of cure stamps at the counter. 2″ flat brush was purchased from D.I.Y. shop.


I forgot to take a photo of the jewelry organizer before I painted the top part so the second photo featured below is partly painted. These have been sanded prior to painting them.



As you can see on the first picture, I’ve mixed some blue and white paint to create a softer blue. I just kept mixing until I got the shade that I want. I also bought a wider brush and this time the quality is better.

I removed the hinges of the jewelry organizer and I’ve put some tapes on the corners to avoid painting the middle section (which by the way suffered some paint anyway).


I worked on the back this time and painted away. I just kept layering and made sure everything is completely covered in paint.


Here’s the first one I’ve done.

painted-jewelry-organizer-photo-1 painted-jewelry-organizer-photo-2

Now for the wall furniture, I’ve worked on the inside first and then I painted outwards.

painted-wall-furniture-photo-1After the paint has dried and I’ve put the screws back, I decided to add a personal touch to it. I bought a rubber stamp that has an intricate detail and I’ve used some white paint and stamped it on the back and on the sides. I know the back is not necessary since, well, when you hang it nobody will see it anyway. So anyone can skip this part but it may be good place to test the stamp before you try it on areas which are visible.

Note: Using a rubber stamp may be a bit of a challenge due to the texture of the paint so another option would be a stencil or probably opting for a design with bigger details. The smaller or the more intricate the design gives a higher chance of smudging.

painted-wall-furniture-bottom-photopainted-wall-furniture-side-with-stamp-detail-photoPersonally I think the stamp gave some life to it. It kind of breaks the monotony as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I’m not a pro so pardon the messy details. It’s fun to do and you should try it too! ^_^


My little DIY project

I frequent this store, Japan Home Centre, which carry a lot of Japanese products. I tend to purchase those items which are pretty nifty. I usually find unique items there. This time I found some small wooden wall furniture and I decided to purchase one and give it some personal touch.



After purchasing, I stopped by at a bookstore nearby and looked for some paint I can use on it. As the selection was very limited, I decided to get a multi-purpose white paint. I was hoping to put some vintage vibe to it.

I needed a brush, screwdriver and white paint for this project. I needed to remove the the hooks at the back after that I painted away. I started with a thin layer but decided to keep layering.

Tip: Use a good brush. The brush I used is awful. It was the only one that was available at home and it was too late when it dawned on me that I should have invested in a good one. The bristles were too hard and as I was painting, it was destroying the layer I’ve made. Well experience is the best teacher and when you do something on a whim, you just learn along the way. ^_^’


After the paint has dried, I’ve put back the screws.


There are a lot of ways you can use this cute wall furniture. I’ve included some photos below of some ideas I had in mind.


Okay maybe it’s not vintage at all but I tried. haha. It wasn’t a neat job either but I enjoyed doing this.


The miniature easel and the decorative coaster featured in the photo can be bought at Papemelroti.



The miniature Buddhas are souvenirs I bought in Cambodia.


Now all that’s left to do is hang this on the wall.

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Random Ramblings

Life is about what compels you.

What compels you to move? What compels you to eat? What compels you to breathe? What compels you to do things on a daily basis —that driving force that keeps you going…? All which are necessary for you to live this so called life.

Yes I said so called.

It is necessary to have something that drives you in life otherwise you end up walking this so called life without a purpose. It’s like having a body without a soul. No beauty will catch your attention. It will be completely bleak.


A heart that is always empty. That’s really sad if you don’t have anything in your heart. There will be no contentment… no love. No love for the little things in life that make you happy.

Yes that is necessary.

The little things that we thought never mattered but do matter. Those inexplicable things that make you smile. That’s enough to compel you actually. Finding something that will give meaning to life.

It’s a good start.

May it be a hobby or a mere collection or a group of people that make a difference in your life. Embrace it. Keep going until a tinge of happiness penetrates that heart of yours. At the end of the day you always have to make a decision. Of what your purpose will be. What meaning you want to give your life to. You must give meaning to it.


Just do what will make you happy. Find something… anything. There has to be something. Don’t let the gray takeover. It’s never good to see gray.


Life should be about colour. Lots and lots of colour.



Keep moving.

It’s a long journey but what matters is how you will face it. See colours and live.